A Blockchain Platform for Researchers and Educators

DevLeChain is a Blockchain Development Platform that embedded with toolkits that aimed to ease up the development process of DApps.
Furthermore, some example projects are embedded, so that you can create your dApps by look and learn.
The underlying EasyChain Toolset allows researchers and educators create desired Blockchain Environment within few clicks.

English Version
You need VMWare Player 16 or higher to use DevLeChain.
Please remeber to read the README file on the Desktop, after a successful login.
Login: devlechain / devlechain
Wallet: devlechain

BlockDemo Platform

A Trial Platform for Beginners to Mess Around

BlockDemo Platform is the predecessor of DevLeChain. It is a platform that embedded with example projects that beginners can play around.
This is a platform that intended to demonstrate smart-contract enabled applications within a few clicks. It is designed for anyone that is interested in Blockchain, and would like to look into how Blockchian works

What's inside ?

The embedded toolkits in these platforms


EasyChain is a toolset developed by Wayne, which can create desired Blockchain Environment easily.


RemixIDE is a feature-rich Solidity Smart Contract IDE devloped by Ethereum team.

jsAutoGen (Deprecated)

jsAutoGen is a toolset developed by Wayne, which can utilize solc to compile smart contract and generate testing JS Script.


Web3J-CLI is a middleware developed by Ethereum team, to provide communication bridge between Java and Blockchain

Example Projects

Example Projects includes a simple bank with banking functions and a message sending-receiving platform. More will be included in the future

Quick Installers

Quick Installer is a tool developed by Wayne, which provides easy install and upgrade for Ethereum and Eclipse